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Silicone Heat Glove

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Made from latex-free silicone, the 16.9 inch and 13.7 inch one-size-fits-all Silicone Heat Glove is a conventional option for healthcare professionals performing tasks such as unloading steam sterilizers, washer-disinfectors or dealing with surface temperatures ranging from -40 °F to +464 °F. The protective heat glove can be worn ambidextrously by inserting either hand entirely into the glove with minimal effort. Available in a shade of light blue, the reusable Silicone Heat Glove is suitable ...

Heat Mitts

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Grip hot and wet items safely and securely with the Shark Tooth Heat Mitts. They are made of heat deflecting silicone, insulating the user from hot instruments, trays and equipment. The shark tooth ridges provide a secure grip of items, even when wet. They are sterilizable, washable, and resistant to temperatures from -40°F to 446°F....

Insulated Gauntlet

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Mitt style which is ideal for removing hot trays and racks from autoclaves. Protective insulation protects the user from hot surfaces. Quality stitch construction that is made in the U.S.A. Attractive gold color....

Seamless Autoclave Gloves

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Styled in a continuous gauntlet design. Temperature rated to 450°F (5 seconds). Convenient ambidextrous design. The seamless outer glove is constructed of 100% cotton with exclusive high-density loop structure for greater protection....

Terry Cloth Autoclave Gloves

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Repeated washing won’t weaken protective properties of these gloves. The soft 100% cotton absorbs moisture and provides long-lasting comfort for frequent wear. The Gauntlet style cuff comes in two lengths: 5” for hand and wrist protection; and 11” for up-to-the-elbow-protection. One size fits all....

Hot Spot

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Know when it is safe to grab a heated item with the temperature sensitive TempaCheck HotSpot. When an item is hot to the touch (120°F), the HotSpot is black. When the item has cooled below 115°F, the HotSpot will turn green, letting staff know the item can be handled without use of heat mitts....