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Healthmark's temperature monitoring products help CS departments thouroughly manage temperature. We do this through temperature monitoring during reprocessing (instrument reprocessing), monitoring of
the surrounding temperature (ambient environment) and finally products
to keep you safe from extreme temperatures (safety products).

Made from latex-free silicone, the 16.9 inch and 13.7 inch one-size-fits-all Silicone Heat Glove is a conventional option for healthcare professionals...

Silicone Heat Glove

Designed for healthcare facilities to track temperature and humidity of items during transportation to off-site locations, the 2.38 x 4.13 inch Digita...


The TEMP-WiFI-TH is a device that measures the temperature and humidity of an environment in which it’s situated and transmits data to a PC via WiFi...


Featured Products

Ambient Environment

The TEMP-WiFi-TH measures the temperature and humidity of the environment in which it is situated and transmits data to a PC via Wifi. It’s important to monitor the temperature of departments such as decontamination, sterile storage or sterile packaging. The temperature of the room in which you are working can be just as important the temperature of a bath or warming cabinet. The TEMP-Wifi-TH helps ensure that temperature is maintained by allowing the user to customize settings based on the needs of that department and sounding an alarm when changes occur.


Instrument Reprocessing

Products such as the Healthmark Watermark, Tempachek LC and TEMP-WiFi-TP are some of the tools that help with maintaining the correct temperature when processing instruments. The Healthmark Watermark not only monitors the temperature of a bath but also helps to achieve the most effective water to detergent ratio. The TEMP-WiFi-TP monitors temperature through a temperature probe that can be easily placed in any environment and logs its data via wifi. The TempaChek-LC is a liquid crystal thermometer which can be immersed in a liquid bath. With the adhesive back, the thermometer can be mounted to the side of the bath, below the water line.

Safety Products

It’s important to stay safe when working with extreme temperatures like hot trays or steam. Healthmark has a range of thoroughly insulated gloves to keep your hands from harm. They include a Shark Tooth Heat Mitt made form silicone, an Insulated Gauntlet and terry cloth gloves of various lengths. Also available is a HotSpot, which is the perfect indicator to let you know if a surface is safe to touch. When hot, the HotSpot is black and when cooled, the HotSpot turns green.